5 March 2017

ukfast campus slide helter skelter manchester

Kirsty, our first slide rider, making her victory speech.

Having fun in business is essential.

When I first started UKFast, Gail and I tried to emulate big businesses, learning from what they did best. Over time, we learned that the best decisions come from managers and teammates who are happy and engaged.

It’s honestly that simple.

While the responsibility of what we do is incredibly important, it doesn’t mean we are not allowed a smile on our faces and quality time to interact and get to know fellow colleagues.

At UKFast, we’ve become renowned for our culture, rewards like Vegas and Verbier, and, more recently, for our office. I had always aimed to have our own campus, a space where we could create an extraordinary environment where the team would feel at home. Somewhere that helps ensure a good work-life balance, which is why we have the gym onsite, for example. Having these facilities mean that the team can exercise at lunchtime rather than eating into their time outside of work, when they could be with their families.

pancake day at ukfast

Lowri and Lou helping Ben the chef serve up more than 250 pancakes for Pancake Day.

We’ve designed every corner of the office space to create a mood or feeling, and to allow the team to have fun. This week, we had an extra amount of fun in the office. Not only did we have a special pancake day where Ben the chef cooked more than 250 pancakes for the team, we also opened the latest addition to the office to encourage a bit more fun and laughter in the working day; the UKFast Helter-Skelter.

The giant metal tube, which runs from the second floor bar area down to the reception on the ground floor, has two corners and a steep drop to get the adrenaline going! On Friday, at ‘Beer O’Clock’ – when our bar opens to celebrate a fantastic week – our first sliders opened the helter-skelter.

We’d created a competition to win the first three slides, and our lucky winners certainly made the most of the occasion – Kirsty even made a speech!

Of course, once the helter-skelter was open, chaos ensued with everyone wanting a turn – including some head first, upside-down. You could hear the laughter and screams throughout the whole office – it was like a funfair!

helter skelter ukfast

Trish, the hook-a-duck champion winning the third golden ticket to become one of the first sliders on the helter-skelter.

This is exactly how it should sound. No-one wants to work somewhere where you’re not able to laugh and enjoy yourself alongside working hard.

Equally, sport is key; it helps to build teams and strengthen bonds. What we learnt from sport is that every type of interaction is an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships.

Our daily exercise classes in the UKFast gym – many of which are run by the team themselves – are an incredible opportunity for people for different departments across the business to come together, to work towards their goals, to build relationships and to have fun.

Ultimately, the business’ results are dependent upon great relationships.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the office in the morning for our whole company Monday Morning Meeting, after which I am sure there’ll be plenty more heater-skelter-related fun and games!

The UKFast Helter Skelter

The UKFast Helter Skelter

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