5 June 2016


The UKFast Car Park Beach

It’s astonishing to walk into the auditorium on a Monday morning and see the sea of faces now looking back at me.

When we first moved into UKFast Campus back in 2013, we were rattling around. Now, just a few years later, we’re bursting at the seams!

The wave of energy on the top floor of the office at 8.45am each Monday is enough to knock you off your feet. We gather the whole team in our office auditorium to run through the success of the previous week and to look ahead to the coming days. It’s incredibly motivating and certainly beats the usual ‘Monday blues’.

It’s an idea that we adopted from the likes of Timpsons and Google UK. A few years ago, back when we were on the 28th floor of City Tower, we were reaching such a size that it was difficult to guarantee that everyone knew what other teams were up to, that everyone knew what they needed and that we were all on the same page. Gathering everyone together to start the week, just as we do less formally to end the week with Beer Fridays, seemed like the perfect idea. It’s been a staple part of the UKFast week ever since.

A huge proportion of the crowd each Monday is now made up of our apprentices. Our newest apprentices have settled in since joining us after the Bright Futures debacle and are making a real impact on the business. Our Dreams Team is bringing hundreds of people through the doors every week with assessment days, events and group interviews to find the latest superstars to join the team.

UKFast Code Club helps youngsters learn programming whilst having fun at the same time

UKFast Code Club in our UKFast Campus training zone

I could never have imagined, as we signed the deal to secure the office building, just what an extraordinary place our team of builders, carpenters and upholsterers would create. Nor would I have envisaged us being so full just a couple of months before the office space is complete.

It’s been a mammoth task, but it’s still an obvious choice and I have no regrets about the time or money invested.

We spend so much time in the workplace and the UKFast team is so committed that I want them to feel at home, feel valued and appreciated at all times, and the office is one way of doing just that.

If you’re a business leader, it’s worth bearing this in mind. It doesn’t cost any more to paint a wall bright pink or orange than it does to paint it white. But, the bright colours create warmth, feel homely and come together to build a brand image and feeling.

If you want to lead a passionate, happy and driven team, you need to create an environment that promotes exactly that. It could be as simple as placing a few mini trampolines, a ping-pong table or some unusual decorations around the office. The only real cost is your creativity and imagination.

It’s exciting to see all of the design work coming together at UKFast Campus and the buzz that it’s creating throughout the whole business. We’ve come so far in the three years since singing on the dotted line for this building; I can’t imagine where we’ll be at in another three!

It’s certainly a very exciting place to be!

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