7 November 2007

Thanks to Claudia McConnell’s question “is it necessary to put your location or contact details on your web site?” The answer is not really about your web site and more about your business strategy as a whole.

If you have managed to attract someone to your web site to learn more about your product, it is essential that you do not give them any reasons to doubt your capability or question why they should use your business over a competitors.

In my opinion you shouldn’t just give your contact details, you should make it even easier and provide a free phone number to encourage communication. More often than not, if the web site is well written you will not receive a call as they will have all the information at hand. However if you are providing all the information and your product is perfect, you will lose the lions share of business as people may doubt your ability to deliver the service or your credibility as a business.

After all, if you go into a shop, you are able to ask a question, you are also confident that you are able to return to the shop if there is a problem. Would you be so confident buying a product from a street seller? Probably not, as you have no guarantee that you will be able to locate this person in the event of a problem.

The same questions are applied over and over again, wherever you shop. This is why certain businesses do very well and others fail. This one detail if omitted from a site would stop me from buying, and it has done many times.

In my opinion it is absolutely 100% necessary to show potential clients you are available and accountable should someone require assistance. Always put customer service first.

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