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While I've been writing my blog for a few years, I still feel humbled when people take time out of their day to respond to it. What matters most to me is whether the posts I write are having a positive impact on those who read them. With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the posts that have been most popular with readers over the years. Whether you're a follower of the blog, a new reader, or even a critic, I hope you find the following list both relevant and interesting.


I have a theory that deep down we are all caring people and I am going to prove it. In fact I think as a Nation, us Brits have the caring gene firmly sewn into our core.

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Wow it's been an intense few days. With everyone shutting down for Christmas holidays, I think even Santa might have struggled with the project I am working on! Yet there's something pretty amazing about us Brits. How we rally together when we need each other most.

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3. WHY

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are wondering how you got here, and you ask yourself "Why?" It usually comes at a time when you are feeling the pressure, here you are up against the clock, where time and circumstances conspire against you.

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It's a sad day when arguably the UK's greatest entrepreneur announces he's waving goodbye to Britain for sunnier climes. Is this the wake up call the Government needs? With thousands of the UK's richest people moving abroad, when will they look at why they are going?

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I am keen to build an incredible workspace for my team and I have joked, I want to "out-Google, Google" on the design and build front. Everyone quotes Google when singling out businesses who invest in their staff and design creative workspaces, and rightly so as they have done an incredible job.

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Why do some people make it and then others, people with talent, real go-getters, fall by the wayside? And why is it that all accountants, people who understand the science and structure that all business is based on, don't all go on to make brilliant business people?

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It was 4 years ago. I remember every footstep, the feel of the sand between my toes and the heat, the fantastic heat beating down on us. Holding hands, like you'd hold a child's weaving between red and blue of a derby day, but all alone, not a sound and not a soul in sight. It's a memory that is ingrained in my mind and I still feel the tears being wiped away with huge smiles and an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

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You are out there somewhere. Just like I was. Lost, looking for a path that has no road signs, no obvious markings and no one to help you on your way. The chances of you finding the right direction today, let alone at every point in your future, are slim to none, when you have 359 alternative degrees ahead of you.

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9. chill out dude

Before you say you never get stressed, you might want to consider the possibility that you are not pushing yourself hard enough.

Stress is an important ingredient in the process of improving. Without stress, we wouldn't develop.

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It is that time of year again. A Level results time. My goddaughter just achieved 4 A's. Incredible! A far cry from my terrible attempt. Yet you dont need A level results to be successful...

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