Random Acts of Kindness

I'm a firm believer in going into business for the right reasons. Yes, a business ultimately needs to make money, but there should be more to it than that. Without being able to 'give something back' I would argue that a business never fully has a sense of purpose. Which is why, over the course of the 15 years spent building and growing UKFast, my focus has switched to fulfilling this 'purpose'. For 2014, Gail and I set ourselves a goal to commit a substantial amount of time, money and effort to 'Random acts of Kindness'; a project where we can offer our support to members of the community who might benefit from it.

I often refer to UKFast as the 'fourth emergency service' and I truly believe this applies to our commitment to helping others as much as improving the business. With that in mind, I wanted to share the fruits of our labour in the hope that others will be motivated to do the same.

Manchester Camerata

We are fortunate enough to house a 2500 sq ft event space here at UKFast Campus and it would be a shame not to put it to good use! As a keen supporter of the Manchester Camerata, I am delighted to offer them a rehearsal space free of charge. Whilst we have hosted their website for a number of years, it recently became apparent that finding the right rehearsal space without blowing the budget was becoming a challenge. So, with their needs in mind, we've created one for them. With classical music once offering me an entry ticket into the world of business, it makes perfect sense to give something back to this community. Hopefully, by helping the Camerata to rehearse, and to build their digital presence, we will be helping to raise awareness of the great work they do and make classical music accessible to everyone.

Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

I have always been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, believing a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. This is why I am so happy that UKFast have partnered with the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation to help young athletes hoping to make it to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

The charity focuses on enabling young athletes, many of whom are from disadvantaged or difficult backgrounds, to grow and develop. By offering free use of our on-site gym facilities, I really hope we can assist them in their journey to success.

Diane Modahl
Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

Harvey's Den

After hearing about Harvey's story I knew I had to do something. A couple had spent months saving for and building a dream playhouse for their severely disabled son, only for it to be burgled and torched by vandals on Christmas Eve. The way in which the community all pulled together reminded me how great the people of Britain really are and inspired me to commit to other worthwhile projects in the future.

Lawrence Jones with wheelbarrow
Harveys Den