Hitting Goals 16th May 2017

lawrence jones ukfastThe most important part about having goals is taking time to review them. Today was one of those days, announcing our financial results for 2016.

It’s especially interesting for me this year as in the past 12 months, I have been asked so many times why we have built a slide, why we take the team skiing in Verbier, why we threw a music festival for the team last summer. The answer is simple; the UKFast team is extraordinary and they deserve an extraordinary place to work.

The growth in the cloud market is undeniable, reflected by 40% growth across our eCloud range, but a huge part of our financial growth in the past year has come from loyalty and high client retention rates. Since the first day of UKFast, our focus has always been on customer service and loyalty so it makes me especially proud to see these lasting relationships as one of our main drivers for growth.

Of course, we’re continuing to reinvest in making that service better and better. Part of that has been in the creation of a sales and leadership academy to train young professionals and move them into exciting roles across the UKFast Group. Getting that process just right has been 17 years in the making and it’s now paying off.

And, whilst we are pleased with our growth to date, we’re of course not going to rest on our laurels. I am confident UKFast is set to accelerate with our expansion into public sector, cybersecurity and R&D. Cybersecurity is a huge focus for us and Secarma, to ensure that we’re not only speeding up the internet but securing it too. Some of the things we are working on in this arena are mind-blowing and I can’t wait to announce them.

So now, we draw a line in the sand and look to where we grow from here. How do we improve further? How do we create better products, better service and even happier customers?

We’ve set new goals and we’re already working toward those. I’d love to hear how and when you take the time to assess you goals.

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