"Only crazy people go past this point"

On a brighter day it would have been less intimidating. Only slightly though. Seeing all the ski-run signs at the summit of Pic Blanc, all red with "ferme" on them makes you apprehensive to say the least. We stood assembled under the signs and Stephane took a photo.

Lawrence Jones

The sky was beginning to clear at the top and although very windy, we headed towards some huge netting and a sign that read "DANGER". This was really the most inhospitable place I had ever been on the planet.

I could barely see with the snow blowing in my face. We traversed in single file to the edge of a cliff where we could read the rest of the sign. Roughly translated, it pointed out that only crazy people who wanted to invalidate their insurance ventured past this point. That certainly sounded like our group of thrill seekers and off we went one at a time.

I have been on the edge of cliffs before, but strapped to a snowboard, in these hideous weather conditions, I could feel my entire body beating in time with my heart.

We regrouped on the edge of what can only be described as near vertical cliff that morphed into a steep field of snow.

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